What are your concerns when buying silicone baby tableware?

March 26, 2022   1 min read



Silicone is a widely used plastic alternative in various baby feeding products due to its excellent mechanical properties, resistance to temperature fluctuations, and non-toxic nature.

However, putting all those desired benefits aside, the natural characteristics of silicone surfaces have made most parents hesitate before buying. The typical issues with silicone products are:

  1. Tacky after using for awhile
  2. Collect fibre particles and lint.
  3. Easy to get stained.
  4. Soapy smell after washing in the dishwasher.
  5. Easily cracked.

This is because natural silicone has a high level of stickiness, making it sensitive to stains, odors, and dust and difficult to clean.

But what does it mean to Yooforea? As a Baby Feeding Products Producer, we have to overcome the challenges and take the responsibility to find a reliable and optimal solution.

Therefore, at Yooforea, we decided to work with industry experts to develop a strategy to improve undesirable silicone properties. So we found the UV treatment process. Since we are so proud of finding this solution, we want to share with you all about it.   

What is UV treatment?

UV treatment is a solution that allows the production of smooth surfaces with permanently improved silicone properties.

Let’s put our lab coats on and talk about how UV treatment works. After Yooforea products formed into a solid shape and before packaging, we added an extra procedure where all products undergo a UV treatment process. During this process, the silicones were converted through irradiation with Ultraviolet to a silicon-inorganic material and formed a thin protective layer on the product surface without requiring an additional coating. 

Silicone with UV treatment has a multiplicity of positive properties of silicone. The modified surface repels ions on stain particles, thereby preventing contamination or adhesion of stains. This also makes the surface easily cleanable and more effective in preventing the buildup of water spots.


Comparison of features with unmodified silicone products

UV treated Silicones

Unmodified Silicones

  • The reduction of dirt adhesion
  • A reduced surface tack
  • A pleasant smooth touch feel
  • Antibacterial
  • Higher durability
  • Easier to clean
  • Non-yellowing
  • Permanent surface improvement
  • Widely used in the medical field
  • Easy to crack
  • Sticky feel
  • Attract lint and dirt
  • Bacterial adherent
  • Easy to stain
  • Subject to microbial infections



The improved Yooforea platinum silicone products are reliable upgraders. We hope our effort is helpful and reassuring for concerned parents.

At Yooforea, we are doing all we can and only want to provide the safest and healthiest options for our children-----not only the products that are alternatives to traditional chemical-leaching plastics, but we also want the best and the most superior replacements in many ways.

So, let’s explore more safe and trusted options at Yooforea!

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