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Care and safety are at the heart of Yooforea. We are dedicated to creating safe, hygienic, and stylish products. We prioritize the best for your family, which means ensuring that all our products not only meet but also exceed industry standards and safety guidelines. Therefore, you have one less thing to worry about.


After months of research, we carefully selected Platinum Silicone as the core materials for Yooforea’s products. These materials stand among the highest performing and purest options available. Yooforea aims to create products that exceed industry safety standards, offering families secure, hygienic, and resilient feeding solutions.


The silicone we use is premium and platinum-cured, ensuring purity without fillers or contaminants. All our products are BPA and BPS-free, compliant with international standards, FDA, and LFGB. We have worked tirelessly to create a range that prioritizes safety for your children.

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