Are all silicone feeding products safe for babies?

March 17, 2022 3 min read

In recent years, silicone is considered the perfect alternative to plastic for many parents who are trying to minimize their babies' exposure to plastics. It is more environmentally friendly and food safe. But are all silicones safe? Why are similar silicone dishware sold at different prices? Let's take a look together:

The fact is that not all silicone is created equally. In terms of curing methods, silicone is cured with either peroxide or platinum.

Peroxide curing is more cost-effective but results in byproducts, which tend to be volatile organic acids. It is because this requires fillers in the curing process. It may contain contaminants that are similar to plastic.

On the other hand, Platinum curing is more expensive and has no by-products. The resulting silicone is purer and cleaner. Due to its excellent purity, it is favored by many food, beverage, and medical industries. This also makes it the perfect material for use in sensitive environments as it will not contaminate any food or liquid it comes into contact with.

In addition to its purity, platinum cured silicone also provides superior physical properties compared to standard silicone:

• Non-yellowing
• Higher tear strength
• Better flexibility
• Excellent non-stick effect
• Resistance to high temperatures and aging

It's also important to note that ones should not solely rely on FDA tests (US Food and Drug Administration) because most FDA-approved products are peroxide cured that may contain nasty fillers and byproducts. Indeed, ones should also look for the LFGB certified symbol. It is German food regulating organization that has the strictest certification process around the globe.

When choosing silicone products, we need to make sure that we are choosing the highest performing and the purest silicone products with the highest level of safety testing and certifications. So that we can provide babies with the safest and healthiest start possible.

Beyond Industry Standards
Not only FDA approved, but also LFGB certified.

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