Fun and Festive activity ideas for babies and toddlers during holiday season

Dec 2

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The holiday season is the most special time of the year for most families, and thinking about things to do that are baby and toddler friendly can be complicated. Getting festive and enjoying the traditional activities this season can bring with your little one can be fun and we are here to give you some inspo, and to make it as special as possible! 

1- Create a holiday countdown jar:  On 24 strips of paper, you can write special & fun Christmas activities to do with your baby, for example, walk in the snow or read a Christmas book, and then you can toss them all into a jar and pull one out to do each day until Christmas.

2- Decorate the Christmas tree: the most common Christmas tradition can be even more fun! You can decorate the tree and add a special ornament dedicated to your baby and can keep it as a tradition for the future, adding a new one and letting your baby pick and contribute as they grow old.

3- Check out Christmas lights: You can explore your city’s Christmas lights with your baby! Walking around your neighbourhood or attending events with lights, make it special and watch your little one’s eyes light up!

4- Visit your local Santa: Christmas is not the same without a good old photo with Santa. Make sure to bring your munchkin to say hi to the big guy!

5- Hang a Christmas stocking for your baby, if they don’t have one yet: Hang a cute stocking for your baby, along with the ones of the other family members.

6- Read Christmas Stories: Make it fun, and read Christmas stories to your baby to put them to bed every night until the big day! You both will be in the holiday spirit.

7- Snag a cute ugly Christmas Sweater: Make the whole fam wear Christmas sweaters, and get a nice picture with your baby and the other family members!

8-  Spend Christmas Morning in Holiday PJs: Who doesn’t love wearing matching Christmas pyjamas? Spend the morning matching with your loved ones and make it festive!

We hope you enjoyed our above tips! Merry Christmas and have fun. 

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