Safe and healthy feeding

Premium Silicone Coated Glass Baby Bottle

New Release

The features

SILICONE COATING + Lightweighted Glass

We’ve designed our glass bottles, so they are functional, practical, and stylish while being chemical and plastic free. Made from a combination of light weighted Borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone they not only meet but exceed the highest quality and safety standards.

Every Drop is Pure

Borosilicate Glass is made free from chemicals, resistant to odours, leaching and stains.  Plastic and chemical free so there’s no need to worry about leaching micro-plastics or chemicals, you can also relax in the knowledge they’ll keep stain and odour free offering a perfect feed every time. 

Soft, Smooth & Velvet Skin-like Touch

Why Coated in Silicone

Many moms choose to alternate between breast and bottle-feeding. The baby bottle is the very first physical object introduced to your baby. We are using the soft, velvet skin-like grade silicone coating as a sensory link between mothers’ skin and a new object to make the transition as seamless as possible for your little one. Our silicone is pure, chemical-free and designed to be a sensory comfort for your baby.

Safe and Healthy feeding

Microplastics Free

Relentless testing of both our materials and design have gone into our products especially the bottles. From the selection of glass to the design that ensures milk or formula is never exposed to any surface aside from the glass or silicone teat. Safety is a key philosophy of ours and we meet the top industry standards.



Designed to mimic nature our teats are made from soft, flexible, and supple medical grade silicone. After testing multiple samples we’ve made a teat that not only mimics a mother’s nipple but is also adapted to your little one’s oral cavity.They also have an anti-colic valve that reduces the air ingestion during feeding to protect against gas, fussing and colic. With 4 sizes our bottles grow with your baby.

Foam Filter

As part of the design process we wanted to reduce the symptions of colic as much as we could. To do this we’ve designed the teat of the bottle and introduced a foam filter. This filters the foam that’s often present after making and shaking formula. Reducing the chances of your little one taking in extra air and having colic symptoms.

Teat Size Options

Yooforea offers three teat options and three bottle sizes. 

Teat Size Options: 

(S) Small 0 - 2M 

(M) Medium 2 - 6M

(L) Large 6M+

Bottle Size Options: 

3oz | 90mL     0M+

5oz | 150mL   2M+

9oz | 270mL   3M+