Our Story

The story of Yooforea

When Fiona had her daughter, she wanted to provide the best for her, in every way possible. After spending a lot of time researching Fiona knew there was a way to improve on what was out there. She decided to create a new industry standard, feeding products that eliminated plastic and chemicals and offer families a safe, hygienic, and durable product. Fiona started Yooforea to ensure her baby had the best & safest products and she wants every family to have them as well.

Care and safety is at the heart of Yooforea

Our Philosophy

Fiona founded Yooforea after realizing the best on the market could be improved upon. Teaming up with families, mothers, and industry leaders, we strive to create products that are safe, hygienic and stylish. We want the best for your family. That means ensuring all our products not only meet but exceed the industry standards and safety guidelines, so you’ve one less thing to worry about.

Platinum Silicone and Borosilicate Glass

The Developmental Process

Months of research and discussions with industry leaders led Fiona to the decision of using Platinum Silicone and Borosilicate Glass as the materials for Yooforea’s products. Both are proved to be the highest performing and purest materials, which enable her to create products that exceed industry safety standards and offer families safe, hygienic, and durable feeding products.

Exceed the industry safety standards

Safety Comes First

We worked hard to not only meet but exceed the industry safety standards. We’ve created a range of products that go beyond industry standards. The silicone we use is a premium silicone made from platinum cured silicone ensuring its purer, cleaner and does not contain fillers or contaminants. All our products are BPA and BPS free. They are all odourless, which is achieved by baking them at high temperatures for double the industry standard time. We have worked tirelessly to create a range that is at the height of safety for your children.

Exceeds industry standards

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