Baby-Led Weaning Essentials

The Signature

Baby-led Weaning Set

Our sets include all the essentials you need ready to go when you begin the transition to solid foods, including a bowl, a plate and a cup.

The bowl and plate feature suction grips and rounded edges to ensure less spills and also make learning to scoop easy.

The cup is toppled-resistant and double-handled to make it easier to hold and learn to use.  All of them are made from our durable platinum silicone that exceeds industry standards.  

Training Cup

Our training cup is designed for little hands and mouths. Learning to drink from a cup promotes oral health and speech development.

Our cup has indented grips on the bottom to topple resistant, double handles for little hands to get a grip on each side and a soft side that is easy to drink from.

Made from high-quality silicone, it's stain-resistant, chemical and contaminant free.


The features

Silicone Suction Plate

Make the move to solids as mess-free as possible. Our plates have been designed with little eaters in mind.  Divided into three sections, each plate features a strong suction base, high walls, and a straight edge front. We’ve made the plate extra-deep allowing your child to use the depth and edge height to easily scoop up food without spilling it over the sides.

Silicone Suction Bowl

Our bowls are designed for food to be scooped up and not out, with a silicone base to stay put. Each one features high contoured walls. This allows your child to learn to use utensils and scoop food into their mouths and not the floor. Easy to clean, they are stain-resistant, bacteria-resistant, and highly durable.


Silicone Feeding Spoon

With a shallow soft tip and wide tapered handle, our spoons are designed for little hands and mouths. We’ve ensured the spoon is the perfect shape and size for your baby’s mouth and scoops up the perfect amount of food every time. The tapered handle is thick enough for little hands to hold and learn with. The thick handle also allows the spoon scoop and tip to remain off the table when not in use. Can also double as a teether while out and about.

Silicone Roll-Up Bib

A must-have for every parent, our bibs are a saviour to clothes and floors everywhere. With a flat front and wide pocket at the bottom, any spills and misses get collected before they hit the ground. It features an adjustable neckline; it’ll grow as your baby does. They are easy to clean and great to roll up and go with. Flexible, lightweight, super soft, comfortable, stylish, and incredibly practical.