Things to Consider When Selecting Right Spoons for Your Baby

April 1st. 

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During a baby's first year, one of the most exciting milestones is to learn how to self-feed, and the next step will be to teach your baby how to use a spoon. While your baby continues to explore food with their hands, you can start introducing spoons to your child, which can begin at around 10-12 months old.

To make sure the transition to self-feeding is smooth and safe, we should pay attention when it comes to selecting the spoons that the babies will put in their mouths and chew on repeatedly. With a smaller, sensitive mouth, the babies require the most care and need the right kind of spoon to help them build good eating habits and enjoy mealtimes.

Here are some features to consider.


Baby spoons are made of a variety of materials, ranging from metal and wood to plastic and silicone. Parents should ensure the spoon is completely free of harmful materials like BPA, BPS, lead and preservatives. Pediatricians recommend that a spoon made of silicone will be better for your baby because of the soft texture and grippy material. Meanwhile, a soft-tipped spoon explicitly designed for babies is a good choice because it is gentle on your child's gums.

Size and Shape

Depending on your baby's age, you should choose the right spoon bowl to help with portion control and help prevent overfeeding and gagging. For early-stage feeding, you'd better select a very smaller and shallower spoon bowl than regular ones, which is the easiest design for early feeders.


If you are first introducing spoons, look for spoons with wide and chubby handles and non-slip material handles that will make it easy for little hands to hold onto and pick up. Longer-handle spoons are preferable when parents are feeding babies.


The price of spoons could vary differently. Many moms would grab the cheapest pack of brightly coloured spoons and couldn't realize the mistake until they found the spoons were full of teeth marks because their babies were chewing them up at every meal. The worst part was not buying a new spoon, but that you never know how many harmful chemicals the babies might have chewed off and what impact that will have on their health.

With all the information above, I hope that it is helpful for you to find the right baby spoon. You could also check out and consider Yooforea's best selling baby spoon, which is designed with all the features and concerns in mind.


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