The pros of feeding your baby with Yooforea's glass silicone-coated baby bottles

August. 17

2 mins read 

Buying baby bottles can be a difficult task for parents, especially when trying to find the best option in the market for their baby.

As we know, plastic baby bottles are the most common and popular among parents since it is easier to find. However, the more they learn about the effects of plastic on the baby’s health, the less they want to feed their kids with it. Nowadays, glass baby bottles are becoming the solution for many parents, also being a bit easier to find compared to a couple of years ago. Glass baby bottles have many advantages over plastic baby bottles, being the perfect way to bottle-feed your baby.

Some of the advantages of general glass baby bottles are:

No chemicals: They are chemicals and harmful substances free, so it is a safer option.

Easier to clean: Resistant to leaching, odours and staining.

Safe when exposed to higher temperatures: You can heat our bottles up to higher temperatures in case you would like to warm up some milk in the microwave or if you want to clean it and sanitize the bottle, with no risk of melting.

The taste is better: Glass bottles maintain the milk’s purity taste since plastic bottles absorb odours and impart flavours into breast milk or formula.

Durable: Glass bottles last way longer than plastic bottles in general.

Now, why should you consider Yooforea's glass silicone-coated baby bottles over other brands' glass baby bottles?

Seamless transition from breast to bottle: Our baby bottles are coated with silicone, which makes the transition as seamless as possible. The material is supple and soft to touch and works as a sensory link between their mother’s skin and the newly introduced physical object.

Lightweight: Compared to other bottles on the market, Yooforea's baby bottles are very lightweight.

Dishwasher and microwave safe: Feel free to add our bottles to your appliances as they won't damage them.

Safer: Yooforea’s bottles are even more special because they are coated with silicone, which makes them less likely to break and if it happens, the silicone prevents from making a mess and injuring babies and parents.

The painting in the bottle doesn't fade away: Even when in contact with higher temperatures, liquids or being used for a long time the painting remains the same. Our bottles are painted in glass and have a second layer of silicone protecting them from any substances that could damage them.

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