September 9

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The transition from breast to bottle can be difficult sometimes. Introducing a new object to your baby when they are used to your body can be challenging, and we are here to help and make things easier for you! In this article, you can find some tips and tricks and make this moment less stressful.

The reasons why you would like to start the transition from breast to bottle could vary but being most common when working moms need to go back to work or because you need to add formula to your routine.

 Below, we will present some tips on how to bottle-feed your baby:

  1. Choose the perfect bottle: The choice of the bottle is super important as the baby will have to get adapted to it. The feeling of the bottle is important so the transition can be made very seamlessly. We recommend Yooforea’s silicone-coated glass baby bottles because, besides the amazing skin-like feeling, the bottles are super safe and free of harmful substances.
  2. Choose someone else instead of yourself to feed them the first bottle: While giving them the bottle, babies can wonder why you are not giving them your breast, and it can be less confusing if someone else makes the introduction.
  3. Make sure the bottle is at the right temperature: The warmth of the milk is very important to breastfed babies, many prefer milk that’s the temperature of the body or a bath.
  4. Don’t be around when someone is trying to bottle-feed your baby: Even from a distance, babies can smell their moms, so they may know when you are around. If the baby refuses a bottle when you are close, try staying away during feedings.
  5. Don’t push it too hard: Forcing the nipple into the baby’s mouth is not a good idea. Introducing the bottle slowly is better, that way the baby can take their own time and get used to it faster. However, if the baby hasn’t drunk any milk after 10 minutes or so, stop and try again the next day.
  6. Make your baby feel safe: Talking to your baby and looking into their eyes can create a special bond. That way, they will feel safe and secure and will decide to take the bottle.
  7. Try bottle feeding skin-to-skin: If you hold your baby close to your skin and breast while feeding them a bottle, it can feel more natural to them.

 Obviously, every baby is different, and the methods to introduce a bottle can vary from baby to baby. Hopefully, some of these tips can work for your baby and the transition can be more seamless.


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