Silicone Coated Glass Baby Bottle

Every drop is pure

The features

Silicone Coating + Borosilicate Glass

Silicone coated glass baby bottle perfectly combines the benefits of silicone and borosilicate glass. The functional, practical, and stylish baby bottle is coated with a layer of medical-grade silicone, which means the glass is less likely to break and prevents from making a mess on the floor. 


The bottle is crafted with lightweight borosilicate glass, free from any harmful chemicals and resistant to leaching, odours, and staining. That ensures every drop of formulas is pure because liquids will solely touch borosilicate glass.
Purity, lightweight, shatter resistance, and leakage proof are all the benefits that you can get in just one bottle. 

Why We Choose Borosilicate glass.

Optical Clarity: Offers high transparency and visibility of the contents inside.

Cleanability: The anti-stick smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

Corrosion Resistance: Superior resistance to chemical attacks.

Temperature Range: Strong resistance to temperature and less likely to crack under extreme temperature change.

Long-lasting: Highly durable.

Soft and Smooth to touch, velvet skin like texture

Why Coated in Silicone?

Many moms choose to alternate between breastfeeding and baby bottles. As the very first physical object introduced to your baby, our baby bottle is coated with soft, velvet skin-like medical-grade silicone that works as a sensory link between mothers’ skin and a new object to make the transition as seamless as possible for your child.

The essentials

Innovative foam filter

Our innovative foam filter creates flow like breastfeeding and has incredibly strong anti-colic power. The unique design of 7 holes in the foam filter can break the small air bubbles when milk flows through, eliminating air intake and discomfort for babies. The soft medical grade silicone feeding teat stretches flexes and pumps just like the breast promoting a natural latch-on and a smooth feeding for your baby. 

Anti-colic Teat

Designed to mimic nature, our teats, are made from soft, flexible, and supple medical-grade silicone. After testing multiple samples we’ve made a teat that not only mimics a mother’s nipple but is also adapted to your little one’s oral cavity. They also have an anti-colic valve that reduces the air ingestion during feeding, to protect against gas, fussing and colic. With different sizes, our bottles grow with your baby.

safe and healthy feeding

Microplastics Free

To ensure the highest level of safety, we insist on meeting and exceeding the US safety standards as established in the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and LFGB (German Food and Commodities Act) certified, the strictest certification process around the

Relentless testing of both our materials and design has gone into our products, especially the bottles. This Silicone coated glass baby bottle perfectly integrates innovative and aesthetic design with practical functions. We insist on creating microplastics-free and non-toxic products. 

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Choosing the Best Baby Bottle Material

Not all baby bottles are created equal. Like most parents, we want our baby bottles to be safe, non-toxic and practical for frequent daily use. This is where the material of your baby bottle plays an important part.

Teat Size Options

Yooforea offers three teat options and three bottle sizes. 

Teat Size Options: 

(S) Small 0 - 2M 

(M) Medium 2 - 6M

(L) Large 6M+

Bottle Size Options: 

3oz | 90mL 0M+ (S) Teat included

5oz | 150mL 2M+ (M) Teat included

9oz | 270mL 3M+ (L) Teat included


Pure care and love

Safe, healthy, and clean are our core values, and we put all our efforts to exceed the industry standard. We are not only providing safe baby products but also protecting the environment by using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, as well as saving energy during the process of manufacturing. It is our mission to build a better world for our descendants.