Fun and Festive activity ideas for babies and toddlers during holiday season

Holiday season is the most special time of the year for most families, and thinking about things to do that are baby and toddler friendly can be complicated. Getting festive and enjoying the traditional activities this season can bring with your little one can be fun and we are here to give you some inspo, and to make it as special as possible! 
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Why is Yooforea the best gift this holiday season?

The most beautiful time of the year is almost here and nothing better than spending time and gifting our loved ones with the best present options you are able to find. Trying to find the perfect present is definitely a hard task, and it can be stressful, so we created this blog to help and inform you why you should gift Yooforea this Holiday Season.
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Baby Bottles Comparison

We all know that choosing the perfect baby bottle for your baby is a hard task. Many parents get indecisive if they should go with plastic, silicone or glass baby bottles. Like everything else, all types of baby bottles have pros and cons, so we decided to compare some popular bottles in the market, so you can choose the most suitable one for your baby.
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Should I put cereal or other solid food into my baby’s bottle?

Babies’ diet, during their first 6 months, will probably consist of breast milk or formula. Their digestive systems are not ready to take anything but milk or formula before 4 months, but you may want to introduce them to some solid foods between 4 and 6 months.
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When and How Should I Sterilize Baby Bottles?

Sterilizing baby bottles is a big topic for parents when it comes to ensuring their baby’s developing immune system is protected. Usually, sterilizing baby bottles is a one-and-done deal, especially when you first buy the bottle.
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