Baby Bottles Comparison

Oct 20

3 mins

We all know that choosing the perfect baby bottle for your baby is a hard task. Many parents get indecisive if they should go with plastic, silicone or glass baby bottles. Like everything else, all types of baby bottles have pros and cons, so we decided to compare some popular bottles in the market, so you can choose the most suitable one for your baby.

Comotomo baby bottle:

Comotomo is made out of silicone and they claim their product is soft and squeezy. They also mention it is easy to clean, microwave, boiling water, sterilizer and dishwasher safe. However, some cons of that bottle are that it falls over easily because of its shape and design and also silicone's soft and squeezable nature may spray a small stream of milk from the nipple when slight pressure is applied. Overall the comotomo bottle is good, but it has some downsides.

Avent bottles:

The Avent baby bottles are very well known since they were the first ones to create the anti-colic system for baby bottles. They do have different types of bottles like plastic and glass. Some of the pros for the plastic version would be the wide nipple with built-in air vents, ergonomic design, wide neck enabling easy cleaning and filling and the attractive price. However, the cons would be the material, since plastic is not safe for the environment and to your baby’s health. Also, plastic is easily stainable and can’t handle higher temperatures properly. 

For their glass version, the pros would be the material is way safer and will not scratch or discolor over time. Also, it transfers heat faster than plastic so less time waiting gets the milk to warm up. However, the cons would be the bottle is heavy and if it breaks, it can definitely hurt yourself or your little one.

Dr Brown Bottle:

For the dr brown bottle, some of the pros would be they can fit most breast pumps so you can pump directly into the bottles, affordability and they are unleakable if you use the small discs that comes with it. However the pros are if you don’t use the discs, the bottles will leak, it is hard to clean, also, because of the non flat bottoms, there is the risk of them tipping over as they get more empty and finally they are made out of plastics, which is definitely risky to your baby’s health and bad for the environment. 

Tommee Tippee:

For the Tommee Tippee bottle, the pros are it has only three parts and a wide neck opening, making it very easy to assemble, it is lightweight, durable and the contoured shape is more natural for babies to wrap their hands around once they can hold their bottle. However, the cons would be again, it is made out of plastic and it is not very easy to clean.


For Yooforea Silicone Coated Glass Baby Bottles, the pros would be lightweight, comes in different sizes, the painting doesn’t fade away, made out of glass and coated with borossilate silicone, it is microwave, sterilizer and dishwasher safe, can handle high temperatures, soft to touch, leak proof and shatter resistant. We would definitely recommend Yooforea Baby Bottles as they have all the pros you need and are extremely safe and healthy to your baby.


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