Plastic bottle-fed infants may be consuming millions of microplastics per day

A study has shown that high levels of microplastics are released from plastic infant-feeding bottles during formula preparation across a range of temperatures.
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How To Tell When Baby Is Hungry or Full?

Your baby’s first two years are the most critical time in their development. The experiences they have now with food and feeding will set up for healthy growth and development now and for the years to come. Your babies have many ways to tell you they are hungry or full and you can learn to recognize and respond to these cues. This is called responsive feeding and it helps your child to get a healthy start in life.
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Things to Consider When Selecting Right Spoons for Your Baby

To make sure the transition to self-feeding is smooth and safe, we should pay attention when it comes to selecting the spoons that the babies will put in their mouths and chew on repeatedly. With a smaller, sensitive mouth, the babies require the most care and need the right kind of spoon to help them build good eating habits and enjoy mealtimes.
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What are your concerns when buying silicone baby tableware?

Silicone with UV treatment has a multiplicity of positive properties of silicone. The modified surface repels ions on stain particles, thereby preventing contamination or adhesion of stains. This also makes the surface easily cleanable and more effective in preventing the buildup of water spots.

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Are all silicone feeding products safe for babies?

Are all silicones safe? Why are similar silicone dishware sold at different prices? Let's take a look together!
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