When and How Should I Sterilize Baby Bottles?

Sterilizing baby bottles is a big topic for parents when it comes to ensuring their baby’s developing immune system is protected. Usually, sterilizing baby bottles is a one-and-done deal, especially when you first buy the bottle.
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The transition from breast to bottle can be difficult sometimes. Introducing a new object to your baby when they are used to your body can be challenging, and we are here to help and make things easier for you!
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The pros of feeding your baby with Yooforea's glass silicone-coated baby bottles

Glass baby bottles have many advantages over plastic baby bottles, being the perfect way to bottle-feed your baby.
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Plastic bottle-fed infants may be consuming millions of microplastics per day

A study has shown that high levels of microplastics are released from plastic infant-feeding bottles during formula preparation across a range of temperatures.
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How To Tell When Baby Is Hungry or Full?

Your baby’s first two years are the most critical time in their development. The experiences they have now with food and feeding will set up for healthy growth and development now and for the years to come. Your babies have many ways to tell you they are hungry or full and you can learn to recognize and respond to these cues. This is called responsive feeding and it helps your child to get a healthy start in life.
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